Aug 15

True Blood 3:7

True BloodSookie finally stakes Lorena, Debbie comes in on Sookie, Alcide, and Tara wrapping Bill up so they can leave safely.  Alcide tries to talk Debbie down, who is all kinds of emotional, and Tara tackles her.  Coot comes in, aka the pack leader, and Alcide shoots him dead!  Two deaths in mere minutes!  This season is getting crazy!  They get away safely, but not before Alcide has to run over another werewolf.

Speaking of, why can these wolves shift whenever?  How come it’s not tied to the moon?

Sam goes looking for dog fighting, but gets turned away and almost shot, so he drives off into the woods and turns into a dog himself.  He gets picked up by the dog fighting people and taken into the cage area…where he will undoubtedly be made to fight.  He beats up the guy who captured him, starts setting all the dogs free, and manages to save Tommy just in time!

The dog fight is pretty hard to watch, and there’s some conflict between Sam and his parents.  They are just so…unfeeling towards Tommy and Sam, it honestly brings tears to my eyes.  Tommy ultimately goes with Sam, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of them.

Jason is all contemplative about Crystal and says to Hoyt

Never really thought I was smart enough to get depressed, but here I am…

Me too Jason, me too.  He follows this up by trying to break his billy club…cuz yeah, that’s going to work.  He also mentions that “reminding me of last weeks glory ain’t gonna change the fact that this week ain’t done shit for me yet.”  And then sets off to go question the drug dealer he tacked a couple of episodes ago.

The girl Hoyt went on a date with a couple of days ago comes by, with biscuits, and decides she’s Hoyt’s girlfriend.  Even though he is still in love with Jessica.  Jason, however, is sold because of the biscuits.

Eric gets some information out of Sophie Anne’s human, Hadley, by biting her in front of Sophie Anne.  Hadley just happens to be Sookie’s cousin, so she knows quite a bit…and whatever she tells Eric is whispered so it’s a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig secret.  Which we are kept in the dark about!

Sookie tries to wake Bill up by giving him some blood, and that gets out of hand really quickly.  See, Sookie is all “OMG, remember that one time when Buffy saved Angel by letting him feed off her indefinitely?  I want to do that too!”  Cept Sookie is not a vampire slayer, so this is a way more dangerous plan…Tara and Alcide manage to save her before Bill totally drains her, and they take her to the hospital.  Sookie’s blood seems to have some kind of effect on Bill, although temporary, where the sun doesn’t immediately fry him.

Meanwhile, Jason, finds out that the drug dealer is Crystal’s cousin – and he almost spills who exactly Crystal’s fiance is.  They’re drug dealers and all that, but they are totally supernatural.  The dealer says he’ll tell Jason everything if he just brings him some meth.  What a fantastic plan!

At the hospital, they discover that Sookie has no blood type.  Because she’s magic!  Tara calls Jason, who comes over with Lafeyette, and he appears to be the only sane person there and tells the nurse to go away instead of trying to harvest organs or whatever.  We find out that Sookie hasn’t ever really been sick, so they never knew before that she had no blood type.

Then we get a peek into Sookie’s head, well, what she’s going through, and there we see a bunch of people who we can assume are like her.  They know who she is, and it’s this magical fun dancing place with water that is light, naked people, and just…well, it’s weird.  I mean, these people appear to be great, right?  But we learned last season with Mary Anne that things are not always as they appear.  So I have a feeling this isn’t going to be as awesome as it seems.

So Sookie is all dancing and having a great time, but then Bill shows up and her new friends tell her he will steal her light.  She starts to learn something about her parents, but it gets interrupted.  Bill explains to Jason that he’s the only one who can save Sookie, and he’s probably right.  Or rather, a vampire is the only thing that could save her life right now.  Jason relents because he wants to save Sookie.  Sookie finally wakes up and is terrified of Bill, on account of he almost killed her.

The Magister, in the meantime, is busy torturing Pam and Eric arrives just in time to prevent him from piercing her eyelids.  Sophie Anne and Russel are in tow, and Russel continues to be crazy by fighting with the Magister, saying the Authority is meaningless and blah blah.  I don’t really understand this, because I don’t get who this whole Authority is.  But it should be interesting going forward.

Russel quickly gets the Magister in chains and threatens to kill him unless he agrees to marry Russel and Sophie Anne. They are married, Pam is saved, and Sophie Anne says she’s so happy she could bleed.

We end with Russel cutting the Magister’s head off, a true death.