Aug 22

True Blood 3:8 & 3:9

True BloodI’m behind again so bullet point time! 3:8

  • Sookie and Bill break up.  I have a hard time keeping track of which couple breaks up more: Sookie & Bill, or Stefan & Elena.  I also tend to forget that the events of this series are stacked right on top of each other, so really, they have had a lot of problems in a short amount of time!
  • Debbie wants to go kill Sookie, who she blames for all her problems, but Eric points out that Sookie is pretty valuable and killing her isn’t a great plan.  Eric also tricks Russell into trusting him, that he is loyal and all that stuff.
  • We finally realize that Rene is actually the father of Arlene’s baby.  See, again, I forget how closely the events are linked together.  Arlene is with Terry now, but the baby is old enough that she realizes it’s Rene’s.  Awesome!
  • Jessica and Bill are finally getting along, ish.  He starts teaching her how to fight and be faster so she can defend herself.
  • Jason says he’s going to kill Bill for attacking Sookie, and she is very opposed to the whole thing.  Bill is making new enemies left and right in this season!  But instead, Jason confronts Crystal’s family, sees one of them eating something really bloody, and gives a threat while likewise running off pretty freaked.
  • Tara is having…daydreams of Vampire Cromwell Franklin.  I’m standing by the theory that he’s not dead.  I’m telling you, kids, bashing a vampire’s head in doesn’t kill them!  Any good vampire slayer could tell you!
  • Lafeyette’s mother, Ruby Jean, has decided to come visit him.  She says a ton of bad people are coming for Lafeyette!  He calls Jesus to come and get Ruby Jean – who is pretty damn good with her.  That boy is in the right profession!
  • Crystal shows up at Jason’s, and walks right in, so we know she’s not a vampire!  She swam there, and is looking for Jason’s truck to run away with.  She says she swam cuz it’s the only way they couldn’t track her scent.
  • Arlene takes it upon herself to hire another waitress, Holly, who is pretty perceptive.  I, however, have seen this show enough that I’m not sure if I trust her.  No one comes in and is just that nice!
  • Alcide has to leave to go back to Jackson because Debbie burned down his sisters hair salon.  Him leaving sounds to me like a great opportunity for someone to attack Sookie.  They also have a moment before he takes off…
  • Tommy is picking fights all over the place, something tells me that he and Sam are not going to have an awesome brotherly relationship down the road.
  • Eric sends Hadley off to warn Sookie that Russell is coming, and to not trust Bill.  In the meantime, he convinces Russell to go do his errands and what not, while he will keep Talbot company.  Sounds fun to me!  I’m sure y’all know where this is going…They eventually take their clothes off, Eric says it’s been a long time since he’s done a vampire and, well, he doesn’t really mean sex.
  • Some wolves and Debbie show up at Sookie’s house, presumably to kill her or something.  But Bill and Jessica are there to help her, and for the second time in two episodes, Sookie seems to think she’s a vampire slayer and gets in this big fight with Debbie.  I don’t think Sookie realizes that while yes, she can shoot light out of her fingers, she’s human and NOT a vampire slayer.
  • Russell shows up too, wants Sookie, but gets in a bit of a fight with Bill instead.  He’s got the upper hand, since he’s wicked old, but stops because…
  • Eric stakes Talbot!  This has been quite the bloody season with the deaths!
  • Sookie and Bill make up.  They were broken up for a whole episode!


  • The V Feds, aka The Authority, shows up at Fangtasia to find out what happened to the Magister.  So Eric tells them the whole story of what’s been happening with Russell, and they get put on lockdown until The Authority decides if they think he’s telling the truth and what they’re going to do about the whole thing.
  • Meanwhile, Sookie and Bill are still making up as well as cleaning up the body of the werewolf Bill killed in the living room, and talking about what Sookie really is.  It’s half interesting, but they’re just so boring to me that I’m not sure I care as much as I did before about what she is.
  • Lafeyette had Jesus stay the night, so they might have a thing going on – Lafeyette is pretty hot so I don’t blame Jesus for coming back.
  • Jason gets home to discover Crystal’s ex in his house, with Crystal claiming that Jason kidnapped her.  They eventually knock Felton out, and Crystal says they gotta use rope to tie him up because he can escape handcuffs.  And that he’s stronger than he looks.  I’m way more interested in what these crazy people are.  Felton eventually gets away, has some backup, and almost kills the police officer who goes to answer the call they put in.  Andy apparently has the vampire blood in his desk, too, and so that’s another good question – why?
  • Tommy is causing more trouble by making lots of “girl noises” and disturbing the neighbors, so Sam gets after him and…it’s not going to be fantastic later on, you can just see it.  He also steals tips from Arlene at the bar, and Sam takes her side.
  • Tara goes to a rape survivors group because of Franklin, and it turns out that Holly is there – the new waitress at Merlotte’s.  So they get to bond over something not so great.
  • Hadley calls Sookie and wants Sook to find out if her son is like Sookie with the telepath thing.  I’m not entirely sure why Hadley wants to know…she says she wants to protect him, but if no one knows it’ll make things easier.
  • Arlene admits to Holly that the baby is Rene’s, who offers to take her to the clinic to get it taken care of, as Arlene says she doesn’t want the baby.  But she doesn’t want to get rid of it, either.
  • Bill wakes up in the same magical place that Sookie went when she was half dying.  The fairy lady says he has stolen Sookie’s light, and is killing her, by drinking so much of her blood.  She says they’ll protect Sookie, and that Bill should leave her alone, but he asks what they are so he can tell Sookie and she will be able to protect herself.
  • Eric and Pam have a heart to heart about their life together and what has transpired.  He tells her that if he is destroyed for whatever reason, she should make a new vampire.  I didn’t realize before this that Pam was only a little over 100 years old, and that she hadn’t ever made another vampire.  I’m curious about things like this in the True Blood vampire world – vampires don’t seem to be making new vampires very often, and I wonder if there’s some kind of law we haven’t learned yet.
  • Hoyt shows up at Merlotte’s with Summer, and has a convo with Jessica about how he hates Summer and misses Jessica.  Summer does seem pretty annoying.  So maybe Hoyt and Jessica will be getting back together.
  • Nan and the American Vampire League, aka The Authority, decides that Eric is telling the truth and that he is to take care of Russell himself.  But with no other resources or anything.
  • Sam nearly kills Crystal’s dad, so he is likewise starting a huge war of his own, I think.  Tommy is the only one who doesn’t seem to dislike it.
  • Franklin shows up, for real, and is going to kill Tara.  I KNEW he wasn’t dead!  He doesn’t get the chance to kill her, though, because Jason shoots him with a wooden bullet.  And thus, Franklin is really dead this time.
  • Russell thinks the AVL is protecting Eric, when really they’re maybe going to kill him, but it starts him down a path of picking a big fight with the entire AVL – and maybe the humans too…because he kills a newsman on camera!  He tells the whole world that he is what vampires really are, and the AVL is lying!!!