Aug 19

True Blood 4:2 & 4:3

I’ve been watching every week and mostly disappointed at each new episode.  I dunno why this show has to be only good every now and then, just often enough to keep me watching.  So the major points…

4:2 – Jason is all tied up in a bed in Hot Shot.  Sookie had just found out her house is now owned by Eric, who wants to protect her.  He likes when Fairy Sookie talks cuz she’s saucy, which I like too.  Much more than boring old Sookie, who a friend and I have taken to calling Sucky.

Also, apparently King Bill eats people now.  How…hypocritical of him.  We find out the story of Bill became king.  It’s about as boring as everything else about Bill, because he’s boring.

Jessica and Hoyt are fighting, apparently have been for awhile cuz she gets all worked up over nothing.  I’ve never been a huge fan of this couple either, so I dunno why I even bother mentioning it.

The witches that can raise the dead are meeting again, and Bill sends Eric out to meet them.  I have a feeling it’s a trap!  Aaaaaaand it is, cuz they end up casting a spell that makes Eric forget everything.  During all this, we see that Lafayette has wicked crazy power and is the reason the wtiches are able to do as much as they are at this point.

Sam’s new shifter pack talks about “skin walkers”, and how they are made.  It’s a shifter who has killed a shifter member of their own family.  Fun.  And then Sam has to chase Tommy off.

Jason is getting all bit and stuff by Crystal and Felton, who want to turn him into a were panther so he can make babies with the entire pack.  Gross!


4:3 – Eric, not knowing who he is, attacks Sookie, but calls her Snookie, which is the funniest thing ever.  In fact, I might start calling her this myself.  She can be Sucky Snookie.

Jessica feeds on some dude she met at Fangtasia, right after the fight she had with Hoyt.  Then she goes and talks to Bill about it.  Honestly, I like their relationship better than almost any on the show.  Jess tells Hoyt and they fight again, so she glamours him to forget.

Pam tells Sucky to keep Eric hidden on account of his forgetting everything.  And mentions that Bill probably set Eric up.  Fun!

Snookie goes to Alcide for help with Eric, and discovers that he and Debbie are back together.  Debbie is all cleaned up and such!  Sucky still doesn’t like her, and I don’t blame her…Debbie is crazy and I bet that comes back later.

I don’t remember the name of the lady, but she played Christine on Dexter so Ima call her Christine.  Anyway, she wants to start sleeping with Bill, just as a business kind of thing.  Whatever.

Lafeyette, Jesus, and Tara want to make everything all right with Eric, so they go to Pam and make a sort of deal with her.  She gives them 24 hours to get the witch to her to get Eric restored.

Eric ends up draining Sucky’s fairy godmother, who was just going to do something crazy anyway.  I have a feeling the stupid fairies are going to be back before too long.


For the record, I was so bored while rewatching these two episodes that I ended up making dinner AND doing the dishes.  So thanks, True Blood, for motivating me to do some chores.


  1. Tyson

    Yeah, I’m with you on the whole “not good” thing this season. I loved the first three seasons, but I’m currently three episodes behind on this season. It’s just not compelling. I find myself not caring what happens. Also, I think the episodes got formulaic. They ended each episode on a big cliff hanger only to resolve it within a few minutes of the next episode. It made me not care about the cliff hanger since I knew it would be resolved easily.

    1. dorolerium

      It’s definitely not compelling, I agree.

      And the cliffhangers – I am so over them! I have been for awhile, I feel like they quickly showed us that those cliffhangers are meaningless…they always happen to a character that you know is going to survive, they’ve demonstrated that they aren’t killing off the regulars at this point, so anytime there’s one with Sam, Jessica, Sookie, Eric, Bill, Jason, etc. I don’t even worry!

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