Oct 02

Sunday’s Sizzler – Marlon Brando

In honor of Halloween this month, Sunday’s Sizzler will be looking a bit to our past and honoring some gorgeous dead men for the month of October.

One of my favorite gorgeous men has always been Marlon Brando.  The first time I saw a bit of young Marlon on the screen I stopped in my tracks and said “WHO is THAT!”  And I bet you will too…

Marlon Brando 1

Marlon Brando 2

Marlon Brando 3

Sadly, taking shirts off a ton was not really what they did back in the Streetcar Named Desire days, so we’re just going to have to settle for black and white with clothes on.  If you call anything about Marlon settling, that is.


  1. Mystica

    That is a gorgeous photograph of Marlon Brando! absolutely gorgeous.

    1. dorolerium

      Almost everything about him at that age is gorgeous 😉 Mmmmm, I could stare at that all day!

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