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Aug 02

True Blood 3:5 & 3:6

I’m a couple of weeks behind with this show so we’ll just combine these two episodes.  The major plot points of 3:5 are: Vampire Cromwell takes Tara to Russell’s place, where she sees Bill and wonders what on earth is going on. Eric shows up soon after and tells Russell he suspects Bill of selling …

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Jul 18

True Blood 3:4

Bill is breaking up with Sookie!  Call the media!  I swear this couple fights *almost* as much as Stefan and Elena.  He doesn’t seem to realize that Sookie is already in Mississippi, so futilely tells her to not search for him.  Sookie is all hurt over it, and sort of turns to Alcide, the werewolf …

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Jul 11

True Blood 3:3

So we ended the last episode with Eric saving Sookie from a werewolf that managed to get inside the house.  I have this new theory that people don’t lock their doors in Bon Tempe – it would have saved Sookie a whole lot of trouble if she’d just locked a couple of doors last season! …

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Jun 27

True Blood 3:2

I love how the vampire versus werewolf thing is different depending on who’s writing it.  In this world, the vampires appear to significantly have the upper hand.  Or maybe these are just shitty werewolves, either way, Bill kills several and rips the ear off another. And then we find out that the King of Mississippi …

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Jun 20

True Blood 3:1

True Blood

If you remember, I was originally not very into this show.  I began watching it because I love vampires, and another Alan Ball creation sounded promising. I wasn’t so big on the first season to begin with, but I was pretty easily pulled in when the mystery of the serial killer took more of a …

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Sep 13

True Blood 2:12

I’m not sure that I watched an entire season of this show to have it end like this.  I don’t think it was bad, it was just maybe organized a little poorly for my taste. Maybe I’m used to a different kind of TV series, one where the season villain is really the only thing …

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Sep 02

True Blood 2:11

For the most part, this episode bored me.  However, I was thoroughly amused by Eric so I will say that he alone made this worth watching.  Calling Arlene’s kids “teacup humans” was one of my favorite moments, and winking at them, lol. Aside from that, I felt like of course Lettie Mae helped Tara get …

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Aug 25

True Blood 2:10

I was honestly bored by this episode…maybe it’s just that I was a little tired already when watching it, but I felt like it didn’t do much to further the plot at this point.  Especially after I felt the last couple of episodes were pretty good, this one was a bit of a let down.  …

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Aug 21

True Blood 2:9

Wow, who would think that this death, of all the deaths that have occurred on the show, would be the one that really gets me.  I cried, I will not lie, when Godric sacrificed himself.  I have made no secret of my affections for him, and I’m sure he was written that way on purpose …

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Aug 13

True Blood 2:8

Okay, normally I would be opposed to a resolution that seems to happen so easily.  The rescuing of Godric and everyone getting out of the church was so simple, yet I actually loved it.  This may be due to my new found love for Godric, it was love at first sight really and it has …

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